Christine roberts


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screen and Voiceover Actress
pilates coach



A British artist, I grew up in rural England, Shropshire. Then, I relocated to London and trained as a professional dancer from a young age. After training and performing, I qualified as a pilates coach and educator. Then, I educated others and travelled for the most of my remaining twenties. Fortunately, my travels took me to Asia, Africa, The Middle East and Europe.

My modelling career began in 2021 in Holland for Libelle, and then I trained at the London Model Academy, in England, before featuring on the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week 2021.Then, I went to Dubai where I modelled for several mainstream brands including L'oreal.

During my time in Dubai, I featured in a variety of different commercials and campaigns as an extra and featured actress. In 2022, I started to present live events and record instruction based videos for international corporations.

Now, I am a full time actress /presenter and pilates coach.

In my free time, I love walking in nature, drinking coffee in cafes, reading, Netflixing and going to the gym.



Screen Acting Classes at Studio Republik, Dubai, UAE.

Model training at London Model Academy, UK.

Styling Diploma at London School of Fashion & Trends, UK.

Pilates Mat and Reformer training with Equinox NYC and STOTT Pilates YMCA London, UK.

Trained in ballet, contemporary dance and visual art, at Middlesex University London, UK.

Performing Arts, Kidderminster College, England, UK.