Christine roberts



An established British international catwalk model, educator, dancer, photoshoot stylist and visionary. Christine creates and directs aesthetic, visual concepts, on an international platform.

'I enjoy exploring opposing conceptual and silent concepts within my aesthetics. I am currently venturing on a journey of expressing repressed emotions through fashion aestheticism'.

"I am inspired by the great pioneers such as John Cage, Susan Sontag, Martha Graham. Today, I am inspired by Madonna, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga".


Recent Appearances


Paris Fashion Week September 2021


Model training at London Model Academy.

Styling Diploma at London School of Fashion & Trends.

Pilates Mat and Reformer training with Equinox NYC and STOTT Pilates YMCA London.

Trained in ballet, contemporary dance and visual art, at Middlesex University London.

 Independent Research :

Roberts C, 2015, In analyzing and interpreting Susan Sontag's 'The Aesthetics of Silence' (1967), how can Sontag's aesthetic theory be applied to conceptualism, and how has this impacted on the development of current contemporary dance practice?, Middlesex University, London, England.

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